Pizza Cutter 4″ Stainless Steel Blade Cherry Handle

Cherry handle stainless steel pizza cutter available. Also available with choice of hickory, maple, and walnut handle coming soon in my ETSY Store.


Salad Servers – NEW – Sassafras design

Salad server sets crafted in Cherry, Hickory, Maple, and Walnut available soon in my ETSY store at

I designed the set after two of the three shapes of the Sassafras Leaf. The sassafras have three distinct leaf patterns on the same plant, unlobed oval, bilobed (mitten-shapped), and trilobed (three-pronged).

I collected leaves off a sassafras in my yard and used them as my models.

See sample of each in various wood species available in following photos:

Note: Due to handcrafting and given the nature of wood each one will be slightly different, but very unique.

Cherry,  salad servers cherry back viewsalad servers cherry front viewsalad servers cherry side view

Hickorysalad servers hickory front view salad servers hickory back view salad servers hickory side view

Maple salad servers maple front view salad servers maple back view salad servers maple side view

Walnut salad servers walnut front view salad servers walnut back view